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Please reach out for a curiosity conversation. Imagine what we can learn from each other!


Tel/WhatsApp: +45 257 99 257






with me

How the Curiosity Conversation look like


I like to start every relationships with a one to one conversation. I'm genuinely curious about the uniqueness of the individual and how stories are being told. The Curiosity Conversation is an informal and relaxed conversation where you lead the conversation where you want to go. It's like dancing. The playful notion of trying to find a rhythm that works for us. I will also give a brief introduction to the Gift Economy and what it means to me. No agenda, no expectations!

Things I know a lot about:

  • Leadership & Strategy

  • Coaching and crafting questions

  • Work with Children

  • Most Sports (particularly Football)

  • Learning Processes

  • Learn How to Learn

  • Education

Things I'm curious/want to learn more about:

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Philosophy 

  • Permaculture

  • History

  • Ceremonies

  • Technology

  • Chess

Let's get in touch!

Drop me a line at or in the contact form.