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Please reach out for a curiosity conversation. Imagine what we can learn from each other!


Tel/WhatsApp: +45 257 99 257

Together we will redesign work,

cultivate human potential and find

ways to lead an excellent human life.

Your personal Chaos Pilot

I’m a keen learner and a curious explorer who work with curious, driven, and generous people who crave something deeper than a life centered around a job.

I try to live a life in constant experimentation with ways to activate my sensorial, social and cognitive capacities while doing passionate work that I'm good at, that the world needs and earns a living. I teach individuals and organizations how to inquire into the things that matter most. It is a beautiful, eye opening, collective investigation which makes my heart beat faster.

My mission is simple.

I want to help people rewire their relationship with things that matter, in order to find their reason for being. In other words, what makes you get up in the morning?


I simply love to engage in other peoples lives through my conversation, coaching and consulting practices. My coaching and consulting practice operates in a gift economy, an alternative to the market system. Let's have a curiosity conversation and see how we can learn from each other!






Thank you for showing interest in my work. My main principle in life is to practice "serious fun", which implies being serious about what you are doing, but taking yourself unceremoniously.

I invite you to reach out for an informal conversation filled with lightness and curiosity. 


I really enjoy a fine conversation driven by examination, curiosity and wonder. My strength is to inquiry into what matter most and to create frameworks for sense making, individually and collectively. I want to develop relationships where everyone can contribute from a place of agency and vocation. For this reason, I like to start every coaching or consulting relationship with a laid back conversation in person or via Zoom. I believe chemistry is a key component to trust building, and trust is crucial in every learning process. 

I have a well rounded training and a wide range of skills that can be applied in the right context. I'm thriving in the unknown where experimentation and exploration is virtuos attitudes. An important principle for me is that both facilitator and participants must take risks. Are you interested in engaging in a seriously fun, demanding and transformative learning process alone or with your team?

Gift Economy

From the beginning 2019 I decided to try something new.


I changed my business model to operate in a gift economy where you choose if, or how much you want or can gift me for my services. The fundamental idea of a gift economy is that we seek to support each other to meet their basic human needs. In a gift economy, you learn to offer what you can based on what you have in order to meet another person’s material needs. The point of a gift economy is to cultivate proper, disinterested generosity: offering neither too much nor too little but just enough of what money you have on the basis of admiration.



If you enjoy working with me, or have enjoyed working with me in the past, and want to offer a gift to the work and philosophy I'm trying to promote in the world, you can do it here. Please add a short or a longer note with your gift. It really helps me to understand the effects of our work and it adds a lot of energy to my work. Once I receive your gift, I'll write you a thank you note for your thoughtful and generous gift. It is people like you who makes all of this possible.